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Christmas is almost here. How will you celebrate?


Robert Lewandowski: The whole family meet for two or three days in Poland. My family, my mother, my wife's family, my sister's family. About 15 persons. We decide where we meet every year. My wife prepares everything. The time is very important to me because I haven't lived in Poland for a long time, I don't return home often. I enjoy every second with my family.

What was your teammates' reaction like after you scored five goals against VfL Wolfsburg?

Lewandowski: They asked me what was wrong with me! I couldn't explain it. When you score five goals in nine minutes, you've got no time to think about it. At some point I looked up at the big screen to see how long was left in the game and thought to myself, 'Oh, it's 5-1!' I know just one thing, we want to win titles as a team. When we've achieved that, that's when I'll find the time to think back over my personal contribution.

Are Bayern stronger in comparison to last season?

Lewandowski: I think so, yes. You could perhaps say we're more balanced and we now know that retaining our level of concentration is essential.

Lewandowski: The more mature you are, the better you understand how important it is to spend time with the family. To see everybody again, to talk, to celebrate and enjoy the time. Everything's going very fast in the world today, and sometimes you have to press the stop button. Christmas is something very special.

You're a dad yourself now. How has Christmas changed for you?